Tuesday, 4 December 2012

"Tips for Maintaing your growth this Christmas"

Hey Y'all,

So I am off on holiday in much warmer climates (the motherland) so I won't be needing my winter regimen for a couple of weeks, "Yay for sunlight!” Since I don't have to protect my tips from my winter clothes I can probably wear my hair down and for that reason I don't mind stretching my relaxer less than the last time. I will be doing the whole protein prep for my relaxer this weekend, and by the time I relax my hair it would have been a 14 week stretch; I think 3 months is an ideal amount of time to wait.

Anyway the main aim of this post is just to provide you some simple tips to ensure that whatever you do to your hair this Christmas will help promote or retain growth.

Resposible Styling

Heat Use
If you are wearing your hair out this Christmas please use heat responsibly; remember the holiday period is only a couple of weeks and while you want to look your best it should not be at the expense of your hair's health.
So here are some helpful tips on heat use;

· Only flat iron CLEAN, MOISTURISED & PROTECTED hair; invest in a great heat protectant and a weightless moisturiser.
·  Experiment with heat free ways to achieve the look you want through the use of Flexi-Rods, Rollers, Braid-Outs and Twist-Outs and Pin-Curls and for straight hair just wrap your hair after flat ironing
· Also try using indirect heat to straighten your hair, a great method for this is the "roller set/saran wrap"
· If you are in warmer climates, air-dry after you moisturise and seal and if you really need to blow dry use cool air
· Once in a while if you blow-dry ditch the flat iron and if you want the flat ironed look, try to ditch the blow-drying before, it is less stress and your hair will thank you for it later.

Chemical Use

I know for some people, Christmas will be nonstop partying and for relaxed heads you will probably want to roll up at that event with your edges laid like Beyoncé’s!!! But before you relax your hair ask take these points into consideration.

· When was your last relaxer? If it was recent then look for other ways to achieve your style.
· With the styles you are wearing is it essential that your hair is relaxed (e.g. closed weaves, bunning etc.)
· Finally if you feel that you must relax, take the right precautions to make sure you are relaxing your hair responsibly. Click here for suggestions.
· Colouring your hair this Christmas? Then use mild dyes or look for alternatives to chemical dyes, e.g. Henna.
· If you so use a chemical dye make sure it is not within 2 weeks of another chemical process (relaxers, other dyes etc.)

Weaves and Braids

Weaves and Braids can actually be great protective styles, when due caution is applied they can actually help with retaining growth because they protect your hair from the elements and from your hands and manipulation.

· So when your hair is "weaved up" make sure that the installation is done properly and problem areas like your edges are not braided too tightly.
· Also find a way to apply moisture to your hair while it is in these styles (you can spray your braids or cornrows with a mixture of your favourite moisturiser mixed with your favourite oil). A good mix is S-Curl and Coconut oil, because S-Curl is not extremely creamy and it also contains glycerine.
· Wash and Deep condition your hair whilst it is in the weave at least once in 2 weeks (You can dry your hair with a hooded dryer after)
· If you do leave some hair out, keeping it moisturised will reduce the need to flat-iron and "pin curls" will keep it in shape
· Finally drink lots of water; after all you are what you eat or in this case drink (I know it is the festive period but I'm not sure if alcohol will replace your recommended water intake :) )
Edges & "Leave-outs"

Permit me to come back to those edges, you may have seen on instagram and others the "your weave is Brazilian but your edges are African" picture

· Try to choose  a weave that matches your current hair texture (not the other way round), that way it will be easier to blend your hair with your weave
· If you are going to stray away from your current hair texture then leave out as little hair as possible
· Keep your edges moisturised with castor oil and invest is some products for your edges, here are a few of my favourites;

I hope you bear this in mind as you Party this Christmas, until the next post
Happy Hair Growing...


  1. since you are doing a protein DC a week before your relaxer
    does this mean u will do one on the same day as your relaxer too?

    the relaxer would have broken down the protein in your hair as thats thats is the job of the chemical?
    or will u be waiting a few weeks before doing another protein DC?

    i find all the edge control you mentioned leave a wet/greasy/shinny look to the hair that I dont like. i personally find matte paste much better
    VO5 do one and even toni&guy too.

    1. Hey Eni,
      Yup I do a protein DC the week before to strengthen the bond btw my relaxed and natural hair. Then on the day of my relaxer I do a mild protein mostly for my new relaxed roots and the next time I wash another mild protein, for some that might be too much protein but my hair responds well to it. But you are absolutely right if I don't do protein after I relax my hair it might be a waste doing it before alone

    2. cool

      what protein DC do you use for both your full stenght and light protein?

      I ask because I am thinking of changing my full strenth protein

      I currently use JBCO protein conditioner and Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise as my light protein

    3. For my full strength, I alternate btw Aphogee 2step or a mix of eggs and castor oil. For the day of my relaxer, I use the Roux Porosity control cause it balances my hair PH as well. The next protein treatment i.e. my light protein, ORS Replenish Pak

    4. Forgot to comment on the edge creams, Yeah the edge control on its own is too thick for me to apply, I sometimes use an edge tamer I "stole" from my niece's supply it's creamyish, then put the silky edges and the ors on top. Usually I am 3 months post so I need a lot of hold.
      I will try your paste though, might just be worth it. Thanks for stopping by

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